Why our consulting

ViberTech Solutions - based in Hyderabad, India - is a leading provider of IT Security Training and Services to corporations and IT Professionals. We are passionate about addressing one of the most vital components of Informatin and Network Security. We equip people with knowledge and skills needed to provide organizations trained, certified individuals. Our programs make the people adminster and manage IT Security policies, compliance and products proficiently.


Every enterprise desires to have resources with IT security domain expertise, possessing adequate knowledge to make sure their corporate data is safe. As enterprise security is a crucial element for steady growth of any business. We at Vibertech intend to provide talent on cutting-edge security threats, radical cyber-attacks and practically demonstrate hacking practices, methodologies, prevention tools, tricks and techniques to diagnose security issues.


Educate on appropriate security measures essential to meet the security standards is our primary goal. Our skilful trainers with ample domain experience in real time scenarios are certified market leading gurus with problem solving track records. Vibertech offers you with a complete security training program that includes most important cyber-attack pathways affecting the enterprise security and aid you in familiarizing with several threats and vulnerabilities.