Tailor Made, Interactive, Hands On Training for Corporate Needs!!

Every enterprise desires to have resources with IT security domain expertise, possessing adequate knowledge to make sure their corporate data is safe. As enterprise security is a crucial element for steady growth of any business. We at Vibertech intend to provide training on cutting-edge security threats, radical cyber-attacks and practically demonstrate hacking practices, methodologies, prevention tools, tricks and techniques to diagnose security vulnerabilities, and educate on appropriate security measures essential to meet the security standards. Our skilful trainers with ample domain experience in real time scenarios are certified market leading gurus with proven problem solving track records.

Vibertech offers you with a complete security training program that includes most important cyber-attack pathways affecting the enterprise security architecture and aid you in familiarizing with the parallelism in several threats and vulnerabilities. Comprehensive proactive hacking and countermeasures. Sophisticated hacking technologies and know-how. Experience the cyber-crime evaluation projects. Standard methodology to diagnose the threats and security auditing practices Educating extensively on Cyber Laws, corporate data leak prevention acts and practices Enlighten the practicalities in ethical hacking, its pros and cons and restoration techniques

We support organization Identify the needs, Customize and provide IT Security training programs for dynamic corporate environment. We have a team of professionals working on various big projects across country and written articles to cater quality training to the corporate needs. We constantly focus on providing innovative training solution to the corporate clients. When organisation like yours want employees to align with strategic plans, we offer quality corporate training programs.

Top Security training to cater the needs of corporate:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Security Fundamentals for Web Developers
  • Secure Programming Principles
  • SIEM Engineer
  • Cloud Computing and Security

  • Focus on Objective
  • Customization to suit your training needs
  • Constantly review the course curriculum to be up to date on the Technology
  • Comprehensive and cost effective training programs
  • Trainers are expert consultants

Recent Training Programs
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing - Verizon Inc., Development Centre, India
  • Security Fundamentals for Web Developers - UST Global, India
  • SIEM Engineer - UST Global, India
  • Secure Programming Principles - ByteSecurity, US